"Team Magma will never, ever allow us to come to harm. They will fiercely protect the Hoenn royal family to the end, no matter what."

-Diantha referring to Team Magma

Team Magma is an organization in PokeTale that must be battled by the player. They are an elite special task force in the Hoenn region, whose main purpose is to protect the royal family.


Team Magma members can be both male & female, and they all wear the standard Team Magma uniform.

  • Female members of Team Magma wear a long-sleeved garnet sweater, pink capris, a scarlet hood with the Team Magma ensign on their chest & black Neko-chan cat ears,  garnet colored combat boots & a scarlet weapon belt. Their personal Holo Caster is worn on the left side of their belts.
  • Male members of Team Magma wear a scarlet hood with Neko-chan ears & the Team Magma ensign on their chest, a full-body garnet sweater, scarlet capris, a scarlet weapon belt & garnet combat boots. They wear their Holo Caster on the right side of their belts.
  • The Team Magma Agents wear the standard Team Magma uniform, but with slate grey capris & steel plating on their shoulders.


Team Magma is a multi-operative task force, and while their main purpose is to protect the royal family from danger, they are entrusted with protecting the residents of Hoenn as well. However, they are most often seen alongside the royal family of Hoenn. 

Team Magma's main responsibilities are guarding Mt. Coronet and serving as Maxie Dreemurr's personal bodyguards. A few personnel will protect Diantha as well.


Team Magma was created by the ruler of the Hoenn region, Maxie Dreemurr, to protect him & his wife, Diantha. While under Maxie's authority, they served under their commander, Cynthia Shirona. When the Hoenn region came under attack from the human race, Team Magma held back the surging forces of Unova to allow Maxie & Diantha to escape unharmed. However, the couple's daughter, Valerie Dreemurr, was caught in the line of fire, and a female Team Magma member, Megan Wild rushed to her side, but before long, the two of them were attacked by the humans. Team Magma surrounded her to protect her from enemy fire, but Valerie was shot in the chest seventeen times. While she initially survived the attack, little Valerie died in Megan's arms due to complications from her injury. Heartbroken, Diantha left the safety of Mt. Coronet, but Maxie, worried for Diantha's well-being, and ordered Team Magma to check on her every so often to make sure she is safe & not in danger, and Megan went on emergency leave from Team Magma to help herself recover.