" Don't worry. Team Magma is here to protect you."

-Tabitha reassuring Diantha

Tabitha Keagan Homura, labeled "The Defender & Savior Of The Weak," is a Pokemon fusion in PokeTale. His Pokemon is Mega Mewtwo X & he is loosely based on Sans from Undertale. Tabitha is a Team Magma Agent & is married to Shelly Homura & they have a 15 year old daughter named Brittany. He will be voiced by Keagan Wilson.


Tabitha is 27 years old, and has side-swept violet hair & deep blue eyes. He is shown to be physically well-built, and has a broad-shouldered, imposing figure.

For light interactions with Calem/Serena, Tabitha is shown in his casual wear, which consists of a deep teal collared hoodie & navy jeans, with crimson high-tops. He will occasionally wear a hairband to keep his bangs away from his face.

Tabitha is most often seen in his Team Magma uniform, which consists of a crimson hoodie with the Team Magma ensign on the chest, dark grey leggings, a crimson weapon belt & crimson combat boots. 

During the Genocide Route, Tabitha is shown in his Genocide wear. It consists of his regular Team Magma uniform, but with reinforced steel on his shoulders & chest to protect himself from Calem/Serena's attacks. He even wears a heart shaped necklace containing the image of himself & his young wife, Shelly.