Quotes by Sheena Fabray/Sylveon in PokeTale.

Receiving a mission via Holo Caster

"Huh? A human child sighted on Mt. Coronet?"

"Got it! I will personally deal with said child immediately!"

Confronting Calem/Serena outside Lavaridge Town

"Hey you! Cease your advance right now!"

"I am Sheena of the highly elite Team Magma. You will do as I say or I will end your life here & now!"

"The purpose of Team Magma is  to keep our rulers safe from any & all harm. I will take you on, so I can  protect them!"

Calem/Serena lands an attack

"Did I go easy on you?"

"Your determination is quite resilient for a child."

Calem/Serena attempts to befriend her

"B-befriending? B-but that is against Team Magma's values!"

"You haven't killed anyone, so I guess I could be your friend..."

Calem/Serena kills her

"I guess I underestimated you..."

"Go on. Go on & be destroyed by the rest of Team Magma. I know they can protect our current rulers from this child."