"My my, aren't you a cute little thing! What are you doing here, little one? You can get really, really hurt! No worries! I, Megan of Team Magma, will spirit you to safety."

-Megan to Calem/Serena

Megan Cassidy Wild, labeled "Team Magma's Soulchild," is a fusion in PokeTale. Her Pokemon is Flareon and she is a member of the elite Team Magma. She will be voiced by Delaney McCann.


Megan is 23 years old, and has shiny straight navy blue hair & deep blue eyes. For lighthearted interactions with Calem/Serena, she wears a white & pink cardigan, a yellow miniskirt, black high heels & a white hairband with a Team Magma pin.

Megan is most often seen in her Team Magma uniform the majority of the game. It consists of a crimson hooded sweater that covers most of her hair, a dark crimson sweater with the Team Magma ensign on the chest, a grey miniskirt & black high tops.