List of well-known quotes by Maxie Dreemurr/Gallade from PokeTale.

Encountering Calem/Serena inside Mt. Coronet (Neutral Route)

"This is quite the surprise. I never thought a young child such as yourself would be able to make it here. Mt. Coronet is legendary, and is virtually impenetrable. Still, you're only just a kid."

"I am Maxie Dreemurr, ruler of Hoenn, leader of the Pokemon Fusion race. I am loved, yet feared. I see my ex-wife has taken great care of you. I would expect nothing less from her."

"I'm so sorry child, but since you are pure human, you pose a grave threat to this region. I'm afraid I have no choice but to fight you. It's truly heartbreaking. I actually kind of like you."

Spared by Calem/Serena (Neutral Route only)

"I-is this what you want?"

"Diantha would want it this way."

"What would Valerie want?"

Primal Gardenia attacks Mt. Coronet (Neutral Route)

"What an unexpected turn of events!"

"I don't know what you want, but your reign of terror with my region ends here and now! I, Maxie Dreemurr, will not allow someone like you to strike fear into the hearts of my civilians. Prepare yourself for my ultimate attack!

"Calem/Serena...It was nice knowing you...please leave now."

"This is my only warning. Don't you even so much as lay a finger on this young child, for I will make your life not worth living!"

Intercepting Gardenia's fatal blast (Neutral Route)

"Don't you dare touch him/her!"

"My resolve was not firm enough."

"Am I...dying?"

"T-Team Magma? Diantha? C-Calem/S-Serena?"

"Calem/Serena, I did this for you. I...I know what its like to lose a child. I've lost my two daughters consecutively, and I refuse to let the same thing occur to you. I..I can't die yet, though...right?"

"This is it, I must endure."

"Team Magma, you have been loyal to the very end, but now, Calem/Serena needs your protection. Keep him/her safe with your own lives."

"Diantha, can you forgive me? I promise, we will see each other again."

"Valerie, Ellody, I'm here."