A list of titles for every character

Hoenn Royal Family

  • Maxie Dreemurr/Gallade: "A Ruler With A Tragic Past"
  • Diantha Dreemurr/Gardevoir: "The Epitome Of Beauty & Grace"
  • Valerie Dreemurr/Meloetta: "The One Who Can't Be Saved"

Team Magma Personnel

  • Cynthia Shirona/Lucario: "The Sworn Defender Of The Hoenn Region"
  • Jayma Stone/Aromatisse: "A Maiden From A Land Of History"
  • Megan Wild/Flareon: "Team Magma's Soulchild"
  • Asriel Dreamer/Manectric: "A Dreamer Who Lives To Dream"
  • Sheena Fabray/Sylveon: "Team Magma's Finest"
  • Callum Brandt/Blaziken: "One With A Fiery Passion That Burns"
  • Keagan Wilson/Ninetales: "A Member Of Conviction & Power"
  • Jason Sarandon/Xerneas: "One Whose Aura Radiates The Truth"
  • Shauntal Flannery/Leafeon: "One Whose Aura Glaciates The Soul"
  • Marshall Murgatroyd/Zekrom: "One Whose Aura Radiates His Ideals"
  • Caitlin Quinzel/Victini: "A Woman In Pursuit Of Power"
  • Grimsley Gima/Umbreon: "One Who Plays Their Cards Expertly"
  • Cassandra Walsh/Espeon: "A Magma Member Not Fit To Kill"
  • Susan Malette/Vaporeon: "One Whose Heart Is Weaker Than Their SOUL"
  • Victor Young/Meowstic: "Seeker Of Truth & Light"
  • Lucas Medeiros/Mightyena: "Hoenn's Light Of Hope"
  • Tabitha Homura/Mega Mewtwo X: "Defender & Savior Of The Weak"