"Just 'cause I'm the only female member of Team Magma doesn't mean I'm the weak link. I'll prove it!"

-Jayma Stone

Jayma Quinn Stone, labeled "A Maiden From A Land Of History," is a Pokemon fusion in PokeTale. She is based off of Muffet from the Undertale series & her Pokemon is Aromatisse. Jayma is the only female member of Team Magma & will be voiced by Sabrina Wright.


Jayma is 16 years old, and has a short slender build, navy blue dyed hair & blue eyes. She is only seen in two outfits, the first being her Team Magma uniform. It is pretty much consistent with the lower members of Team Magma, but it is "curvier."

For lighthearted interactions, Jayma will wear a maroon miniskirt, a teal tank top with a beige sweater, pink tube socks & black flats.


Jayma is bubby, charismatic & independent. She strives to prove herself within her organization, as she is the only girl. Though she is looked down upon by her male colleagues, Maxie, Cynthia & even Tabitha have great faith in her & her abilities. During the Pacifist Route, Jayma tells Calem/Serena that she was honored by her leader, and was even told by him that he feels safer with her around.


Jayma's only power source is TM82 Origin Pulse. This Fairy-type special move can devastate a target, though it's critical weakness is that Jayma can only attack once every two turns.


Jayma Quinn Stone was a sweet young Pokemon fusion who resided in Hoenn. She was only 15 when she wanted to desperately become a member of Team Magma, and after many trials, she was in. Though her superiors had great faith in her, she was berated & shamed upon by her male colleagues, just for being a girl. They would constantly intimidate Jayma & referred to her as the weak spot in Team Magma, which distressed her greatly. She found refuge in Lucas Reis, a male Team Magma member around her age, and stayed extremely close to him if she was ever to be intimidated.