"In this world, it's kill or be killed..."

-Gardenia to Calem/Serena

Gardenia Harmony Merritt, labeled "Master Of Vivid Plant Pokemon," is the main antagonist of PokeTale. She is based off of Flowey/Omega Flowey from Undertale & her Pokemon is Roserade. She is the soulless fusion of Princess Valerie Dreemurr & will be voiced by Kassandra Hicks.


Gardenia is 17 years old, and has a slender build, short ginger hair & green eyes. In her initial appearance, she wears a green wraparound shirt, beige jean shorts, black socks & black high-tops.

In the Neutral Route, she transforms into Primal Gardenia, with long cascading vines wrapping around her body & she takes on the sppearance of a PokeNav. 


Gardenia was originally Princess Valerie Dreemurr, and was part human and part Meloetta. When she was murdered by the human race, she was buried beside the True Lab, next to Colress Achroma, the former royal scientist, who had accidentally killed himself. The new royal scientist, Malva, accidentally spilled liquid on the burial site, leading to Princess Valerie to mutate into a half human, half Roserade nicknamed Gardenia. With no memory of her previous life, and no SOUL, Gardenia was unable to feel love,

During the Neutral Route, Gardenia is the first to encounter Calem/Serena and injures them badly. After Queen Diantha rescues the young child from Gardenia, she retreats, hoping to overcome the young child one day. Once the player defeats Maxie Dreemurr, ruler of the Hoenn region, Gardenia breaks into the True Lab and absorbs the SOULS of the 6 pure human children: Katelyn, Kali, Linnea, Mellie, Keagan and Derek, and morphs into the terrifying Primal Gardenia. She immediately begins a reign of terror in the Hoenn region, and starts taking hostages.Cynthia Shirona orders Team Magma to fight Gardenia and protect Maxie, but the Hoenn region itself is captured and held prisoner inside Mt. Coronet (the exception is Brittany Homura, the teenage daughter of Team Magma Agent Tabitha Homura, as both Tabitha & Cynthia had initially protected her, but once they were captured, Brittany managed to fight off Gardenia's attempts to capture her as well.). Calem/Serena is encountered by Tabitha, and the two fight Primal Gardenia and recover the lost SOULS. Gardenia is initially shocked, but is stunned when the Hoenn region itself manages to escape. Determined to win, she berates Calem/Serena and prepares to kill them when her attack is intercepted by Maxie. As Team Magma rushes to his side, Maxie dies due to Gardenia's fatal blast. He mentions that he wanted to see what the player was capable of before dying. As Gardenia backs away, Tabitha takes his opportunity to avenge his fallen ruler and kills Gardenia.