List of quotes by Elesa Kagari/Kirlia in PokeTale

Introducing her Quiz Show

"Welcome, gorgeous residents of Hoenn! I am your fabulous pop star, Elesa! Are you ready?"

"Our wonderful contestant is...Calem/Serena!"

"Never played before, darling? There's only one rule: Answer correctly...or you die!"

Elesa's Questions

"Let's start with an easy one! What's the reward for answering correctly?"

"What is our ruler's full name?"

"Enough about him! Let's talk about me! What type do I use most often?"

"Can you get this one? What's the hottest city in Hoenn?"

"Let's play memory game! Who is this?"

"What am I famous for?"

"I see you've been spoiling the answers, Malva! But can you get this one? Would you smooch a ghost type Pokemon?"

"Haha, you're sure to know this one! Who does Malva Carnet have a crush on?"

Calem/Serena gets a correct answer


"Yes, that is right! Leader Maxie would be impressed!"

"Electric types are so fabulous don't you think?"

"Nice! Obviously it's Lavaridge, right?"

"I-I'm flattered that you remembered!"

"Everything! Thanks honey!"


Calem/Serena answers "Cynthia Shirona" to Question 8

"Cynthia Shirona...yes, what Malva loves is a woman who will risk her life to keep our rulers safe. Yes, someone with an unyielding & virtuous heart, who will never back down from doing what is right! Beautiful, darling!"

Calem/Serena answers "Elesa Kagari" to Question 8

"Huh, me? Yes, Malva adores a famous pop star! Considering she spies on me from backstage all the time, yes I find that quite flattering! Nice one, darling!"

Calem/Serena answers "Maxie Dreemurr" to Question 8

"L-Leader Maxie? It's touching how Malva loves someone who has a virtuous heart, but it is broken...never mind. Maxie is a courageous ruler, and Malva loves someone that respects the rest of this region. I'm touched, darling!"

Calem/Serena answers "Don't know" to Question 8

"You don't know, darling? No problem!"

Calem/Serena gives the wrong answer

"Sorry darling, but you're wrong! Haha. Deliver the punishment!"

Calem/Serena lands an attack (Neutral Route)


"I-I'm okay!"

At critical health (Neutral Route)

"An unexpected development?"

"Is this...the end?"

"B-But I'm fabulous!"