List of relationships involving Cynthia Shirona/Lucario.

Malva Carnet

Malva is the Royal Scientist of Hoenn, and Cynthia's love interest. She and Cynthia had been trying hard to have a child, and with help from Colress Achroma, she was able to have a child, though Cynthia was deemed physically and mentally strong enough to carry said child,unlike Malva. She and Cynthia never see each other often, but the two of them can and will fight for each other if something were to happen to them. 

During the Neutral Route, if Cynthia has been spared, she will rescue Malva from Mt. Coronet during Primal Gardenia's takeover of Hoenn, and when they are both captured, they will hold each other. Malva will go as far as to touch Cynthia's midsection in an intimate way. However, if Cynthia has been killed, Malva will be rescued by Tabitha instead, and she will be holding Cynthia's child, who was delivered via C-Section, as Calem/Serena's attack will slice through her midsection, safely delivering Rachel before she dies.

During the Pacifist Route, Cynthia goes into labor in the dungeon of Mt. Coronet, and Malva and the rest of Team Magma will assist her with her birth. Cynthia actually gives birth inside of Mt. Coronet, and they rush her and Rachel to the hospital in Hearthome City. A day later, Cynthia has recovered from labor, and Malva will lean over the railing of her hospital bed to kiss her.

Rachel Shirona

Rachel is Cynthia and Malva's daughter. Cynthia loves her young daughter greatly, and would do everything within her power to support her. During the Neutral Route, if Cynthia has been killed, the wound made by Calem/Serena slices open her midsection, and with what little strength she has, Cynthia manages to deliver Rachel safely before dying due to blood loss. 

During the Genocide Route, Rachel dies due to Cynthia's injuries, but fuses herself into Cynthia's body, rendering her alive as Cynthia the Undying.

During the Pacifist Route, Rachel is adopted by Cynthia's retainer, Tabitha, and his wife, as Cynthia was incapable of raising her. Despite this, Cynthia does her best to support her daughter, even moving into Tabitha & Shelly's residence to be close to her.