"In case you didn't know, child, we of Team Magma are the sworn defenders of the Hoenn region. We will protect the royal family, even at the risk of our own lives. Being the commander, I deal with any known threat to this region, and my instincts are saying you could pose a risk to us all."

-Cynthia warning Calem/Serena

Cynthia Ariana Shirona, labeled "The Sworn Defender of the Hoenn Region," is a Pokemon fusion in PokeTale. Her Pokemon is Lucario & she is based off of Undyne from Undertale. She is the fiercely loyal commander of Team Magma & girlfriend of Malva Carnet. She will be voiced by Santana Lopez.


Cynthia is 28 years old, and has a well-developed figure, blue eyes and long slightly tousled blonde hair that is past shoulder-length. When she is on a date with Malva, she wears a sky blue camisole, a teal hooded sweater, navy blue jeans & teal high-tops.

While fighting the player, Cynthia wears a black dress and heels, with her hair parted to the side. She also wields a spear in battle.

In the Genocide Route, Cynthia reverts to her Resolute form as a result of her determination. It consists of black hair clips on either side of her head and a black-and-yellow suit of armor. She has a weapon belt attached to her waist.


When all Pokemon Fusions were banished to the region of Hoenn, Cynthia was only 18 years old. She created Team Magma, the Hoenn region's elite special task force entrusted with protecting the residents of Hoenn, including the royal family, and presided over it as their commander.