"Colress seemed to know everything. It wasn't long before his perspective cost him his very life."

-Malva, referring to Colress

Colress Aidan Achroma, labeled "The Creator of Life Itself," is a fusion in PokeTale. He is based off of W.D. Gaster and his Pokemon is Absol. He will be voiced by Lani Rodriguez.


Colress was around 25 years old, and has blonde side-swept hair and blue eyes. He wears a blue Chrome headband, black glasses, a cream jacket, black leggings and black shoes. 


Colress Achroma was known throughout the Kalos region as a famous Pokemon researcher, who had discovered the elusive Fairy type. As a teenager, he became close with Maxie Dreemurr, and the two became best friends. When all Pokemon fusions were banished to the Hoenn region, Maxie was proclaimed the official leader of the Hoenn region, and he and his newly pregnant wife, Diantha Dreemurr, were taken to Mt. Coronet. Though he was uncomfortable with his decision, Maxie designated Colress as his royal scientist, and offered him the True Lab, located beside Mt. Coronet. A year later, Maxie assigned Malva Carnet, a young aspiring genius, to be Colress's personal assistant.