"I am a Team Magma Agent's daughter! There is no way I will surrender to the likes of you!"

-Brittany to Primal Gardenia

Brittany Jane Homura, labeled "The Team Magma Agent's Daughter," is a Pokemon Fusion in PokeTale. She is the teenage daughter of Agent Tabitha Homura & his wife, Shelly & her Pokemon is Shiny Diancie. She will be voiced by Kaitlyn Bruyea.


Brittany is a 15 year old teenage girl with a slender build, deep blue eyes and long tousled blonde hair. For lighthearted interactions with Calem/Serena, she wears a pink camisole with a grey sweater, blue leggings & pink high heels. She keeps her bangs away from her face by means of a Team Magma hairpin.

When confronted by Primal Gardenia, Brittany wears her Essentia suit. It consists of a black suit of armor, black gloves, black combat boots & a full-face helmet. She wears her Essentia suit to protect herself from Gardenia, and it is only seen in the Neutral Route.


Brittany is the free-spirited only child of Tabitha Homura, a Team Magma Agent, and his wife, Shelly. Her life was in immediate danger even before she was born, as she had received several death threats. She was born prematurely, and later survived.However, Tabitha did not take the threats made against her lightly, and vowed to protect his daughter at all costs.